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I had the privilege of being Jussi's team member when working in MDM area as consultant. Jussi is one of the best line managers I have ever had. He has a very professional approach to work while constantly motivating the entire team to produce their best work. As a Program Manager he has awesome skills to lead multi-cultural development teams in very challenging and changing business environment and keep projects in schedule. Along with great leadership skills he is full of ideas and strategies which makes him also a perfect match for any Director level positions.

Heikki Piipponen , Enterprise Architect

Jussi is one of the best Program Managers with whom I have ever worked. He has successfully handled multiple complex Program management and above all the best hearty human being. As a manager, Jussie is great to work for. He empowers his team members with a perfect balance and as a leader remains calm during challenging situations. I am inspired with many efforts led by Jussie, however the biggest one is successfully running massive multi domain analytical MDM program which seamlessly caters key master data to more than 500 applications, directly and indirectly. I respect him for his honest outstanding unique Managerial skills, helpful, supportive, and influential nature.  

Vengatesh Nagarajan, Associate Consultant

I enjoyed a lot working with Jussi. I was working closely with him two years (in 2005-2007) in a program where we managed the development of infrastructure services towards Gartner's Real-Time Infrastructure vision, Jussi being the program manager and me one of the project managers in the PMO. One of the biggest achievements of this program was the (mindset) change to have shared computing and middleware platforms as the default offering paving the road towards cloud solutions. Jussi is a positive character that manages with everybody but still finds his way to be a leader for a cause. Especially one special skill of his come to my mind: assembling a good team. If I had a big project ahead and needed to start from scratch, I'd start by getting Jussi on board to plan, organize and to form the team.

Matti Mäenpää, Solutions Architect

I reported to Jussi during approx. 18 months period while being one in the group of project managers in the program for innovative Real-Time Infrastructure that Jussi managed. Jussi has quite unique people management skills. He is very capable to direct managers (managing upwards and peers) and doers (managing teams) even in a large strategic program. He can choose the right tools and methodologies to fit the need and purpose. He holds high level of endurance and "sisu" for completing any endeavour given to his responsibility. It's very easy to recommend Jussi!

Marko Siro, Head of ICT Project Service 

Inspiring leader, motivating stakeholder manager, catalyzing company's benefit - I have worked with Jussi to ramp up a BI platform to run mission-critical applications (finance, sales, marketing) in 2011. Jussi was Product Manager and a really inspiring and reliable leader. He understands how to create a common vision and achieve results. He motivates teams, stakeholders, involved parties to contribute with their expertise, feeling appreciated. Even under pressure, Jussi keeps the strategic goals and company's benefit in first mind. 
He has a broad knowledge on BI solutions and an excellent skill to facilitate and visualize information. Personally, I was also really impressed by his skill to work out emerging structures and business ideas – in a stage where most other people would not see them, a fantastic asset for any company he is working for. 
I very much appreciated working with Jussi and I experienced him as a highly proficient, cooperative, effective, and pragmatic professional, catalyzing programs and portfolios for the benefit of the company. 

Marianne Sarasin, Program Manager

Jussi is a great person and a highly skilled professional. He's able to create a relaxed and trustful environment where people enjoys working together and achieve the desired goals. He's straightforward and respectful, balanced and honest, always ready to give his opinion and ask others'. He's target oriented and efficiently and smoothly manages people and activities in a timely fashion. His strong leadership and interpersonal skills make him the "must have member" of any project.

Alessandro Bottinelli, Chief Architect 

As a project manager, I reported to Jussi in the system management program, where he was having the program manager role. Jussi gave me the impression of being someone who knows the right balance between tough and kind, and demostrated leadership which created followership. He is also systematic, and has logical analysis abilities. 

Yambu Wu, Project manager

Jussi is exceptionally good in listening different opinions and drawing up a conclusion for the best possible option to be used. I myself have worked with Jussi in a small iterative project (4 persons) all the way to a large (+25 person) formal projects. Jussi owns a great skillset to adapt best working methods for a team to make progress and provide results. 

Petri Seppälä, Senior Program Manager

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