Leadership and interaction skill

  • Efficient communication of the situational goal by utilizing information visualizaion and examples
  • Taming of individual strengths for team work to achivieve given goal
  • Relaxed working atmosphere, in which the motivation in rather jou of doing that fear of failure 
  • Ability to ignite enthusiastic and forward pushing drive 

Project management

  • Dozens of trainings 
  • Project Management Professional certification
  • 15+ years of practical management experience
  • Knowledge of different management methods
  • Succesful projects
  • Great feedback

Agility as an Attitude

  • Project managed with agile way
  • Situational agility and creative problem solving
  • Agility as an Attitude

Facilitation skills

  • Enforced problem solving within teams
  • Workshops and Working Group become more efficient

Diverse managerial experience in Business intelligence and  Information management area 

  • Integrations, data quality, master data, data warehousing , archiving
  • analytics, reporting, document and content management

Service ramp-up and vendor managment experience 

  • Database platforms,  provisioning and system management -platforms, Network management services
  • analytics-, reporting-, master data and integration platforms

Experience and Ability to work in:

  • Multicultural environment 
  • Multi location environments (onsite, nearshore, offshore)
  • Multi vendor and multi technology environments 

Experience of IT outsourcing 

  • good and bad sides
  • client and vendor sides
  • Inside Indian company

Experience of merges and acquisitions

  • Service  and platform migrations 
  • IT-solutions merging and separation projects

Independent but networking appraoch  

  • Better promotion of customer interests
  • Cherry picking of good resources to project teams
  • Easy-going co-operation with team members coming from different companies and backgrounds